The river Ribnik is located 50 km north of the town of Jajce in Central Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Ribnik is a minor river, which, being only 5 kilometers long, is very convenient for fly fishing. The river’s source is north of the village of Gornji Ribnik and it flows into the river Sana in the village of Donji Ribnik.The river is well known in the world for its large population of grayling and trout. Beside these two species, one can also catch very nice specimens of rainbow trout and huchen. Trout weighs 1 kilo on an average; however many specimens of trout weighing 3-5 kilos have been caught as well. As for grayling, the average size is 40-45 centimeters, but there is great probability of catching specimens longer than 55 centimeters.

The usual fly fishing method is using dry flies but we can also say that excellent results have been achieved using nymphs. The fishing area is convenient for walking along all its length which makes fishing easier. Average depth of the river at normal water level is between 1 – 1.5 m and the river bed is made of rock and sand abounding in rich water vegetation which makes it the home of many insect species.The best period for dry fly fishing is May – June (swarming of E.Vulgata and E.Danica). The summer period – July and August – is also good for fishing; however it will not be good in the case of a very low water level due to high temperatures.I find the river Ribnik very good for dry fly fishing for grayling in the period of October – December.
Ribnik Flyfishing Lodge
GPB can offer its clients accommodation in luxury villas in the village of Ribnik on the very banks of the river. GPB can offer several alternatives to those clients who require a simpler accommodation in private objects (Pansionat AQUA).We are convinced that we can meet all your requirements and wishes and organize unforgettable fishing adventure for you.

Pensionat AQUA

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Closed season for trout fishing: 01.10-01.03
Closed season for gryling fishing: 0101-15.04
Fishing regime: C&R
One-day permit price: 50€